Meet the Team

C. Knox LaSister


An Attorney with 30+ years’ experience in real estate law, business development, public housing law, mixed income-use finance development law, management analysis, business re-engineering, financial management, automation, marketing and regulatory compliance. Mr. LaSister has had significant achievements in the areas of design and implementation of community economic development programs that build public/private community partnerships. He has directed federal contracts involving assessment and technical assistance to federal grantees, as well as, major neighborhood revitalization initiatives around the nation.

Mr. LaSister has developed quality control protocols to assure that project milestones, budget goals and performance targets are reached according to agreed client expectations and project requirements. Mr. LaSister has managed multi-million dollar revitalization initiatives involving federal, state, and local resources, as well as, multiple partners. He currently serves as Developer of several Affordable and Market-rate Housing and Mixed Use New Construction and Historic Restoration projects.

Jonathan Lane

Chief Information Officer

He is responsible for the development, planning, and deployment of IT solutions for internal and client operations. Jonathan has over ten years of experience in the design and maintenance of computer and telecommunications networks, both wired and wireless, as well as Internet and intranet applications development.

His talent is structuring and deploying technical initiatives which marry the vision with the technology necessary to efficiently complete the task. He is highly proficient in constructing network data systems, web design and graphic design. Jonathan is responsible for the development, planning, and deployment of infrastructure strategies for our technical initiatives.

Jonathan works with clients to establish goals for their expectations, and translates those goals into programmed websites, including intranets, extranets, and media enriched campaigns.

Jonathan works with organizations to enhance their technological capacity, helping those that are behind the technology curve acquire and make effective use of electronic resources. He has served as advisor/instructor in partnerships formed to combat computer illiteracy in public housing communities, and has led technology workshops and staff training.

Elizabeth Metoyer

Management Analyst

She is skilled in applying her considerable of knowledge of Section 8 guidelines to major projects in housing developments. She has recommended and implemented programs, coordinated committee and constituent meetings and outreach programs, managed federally funded project engagements from start to finish, including but not limited, initial assessment of housing authorities, corrective action plans and model forms for tracking and monitoring of SEMAP Indicators, RIM reviews, independent assessment and memorandum of agreements, technical assistance and training, and meetings and conferences. Ms. Metoyer is skilled in the management of complex multilevel operations, the training and management of staff, and budget development.

Elizabeth has conducted independent assessments, MOA’s and training with the Lanett Housing Authority, in Lanett, Alabama, as well as, numerous housing authorities around the country providing technical assistance in implementing CAP’s and MOA’s. She has served as Project Manager for the Moving to Work Demonstration Program and currently serves as Team Leader on HUD IQC Contracts for Las Vegas, NM and Puerto Rico task orders. Ms. Metoyer has over fourteen years of experience providing systems development solutions to federal government agencies and private sector organizations. Her 14 years of experience includes working with federal government clients such as the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to identify and resolve project management, financial management, and information system issues. She also provides technical guidance to identify and resolve issues to agencies clients. Her in-depth knowledge of and experience in working with the programs is the underpinning of her success as master task manager. This comprehensive knowledge of the programs and sharp project direction skills allow her to successfully manage, multiple projects (with multiple schedules and deadlines).

Peter Shanley

Urban Renewal specialist

An Urban Renewal specialist with a 25+year track record of highly successful initiatives in low-income housing policy development, operations, asset management and administration. He brings an extensive background in construction, finance and project management. As a recognized expert in the current rules involved with assisted housing, he has provided curriculum development and training for the homeownership and self-sufficiency initiatives promoted by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, as well as, hands-on homeownership training experience. Mr. Shanley has implemented Annual and Capital Funding Plans, served as Acting Development and Associated Programs Director, prepared Annual Reports and Real Estate Asset Management, Marketability and Feasibility studies for homeownership and neighborhood revitalization programs, and written grant applications. Mr. Shanley has managed site selection and project financing for major revitalization initiative around the country.

His real estate asset management activities have included detailed and approved demolition, disposition and acquisition plans for public and elderly housing. Peter has written and lectured extensively on HUD’s Rental Assistance Demonstration Program (“RAD”) and has worked with numerous Housing Authorities to retool their housing stock and asset portfolios to take advantage of current funding structures and tools.