Disaster Recovery and Mitigation Program Management

Smart, Inc. has over 20 years of experience providing grant application development, technical assistance, and program management services to federal, state, and local governments, as well as housing and community development agencies. Smart has cultivated extensive experience in Federal Emergency Management Agency (404 & 406) Assistance and HUD Community Development Block Grant Programs. Our New Orleans survived Hurricane Katrina, giving us first-hand personal and professional experience with disaster recovery.

We provide:

  • Benefit Cost Analyses
  • Damage Assessments
  • Critical Facilities support
  • Inspections
  • Grant Application Preparation
  • Project Worksheet Development
  • Procurement Assistance and Procurement Program Management
  • Comprehensive Grant Program Management
  • Architectural/Engineering Design Review and Monitoring
  • Contractor and Participant Training Workshops
  • Contract/Bid Review
  • Cost and Reimbursement Review
  • Grant Accounting and Reporting
  • Construction Management Services
  • Document/Deliverable Workflow Management
  • Client Services

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